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Dawk Suice

Blogger/Journalist | Tupac Apostle | Poet/MC | Music Promoter | Certified Audio Engineer | Music Producer , Music

whiteout (@whiteoutgotu) aka Dawk Suice: VIBE Magazine & Eminem's No. 3 'Stan' | Tupac Investigator | Poet/MC | Blogger | Music Promoter | Certified Audio Engineer | Music Producer | Official whiteout aka Dawk Suice Twitter Profile: | Official whiteout aka Dawk Suice Facebook Page: | Official whiteout aka Dawk Suice Blog: |

Dawk Suice's Bio:


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whiteout aka Dawk Suice aka p. €uro aka Saiyan Gosling aka The PillsBury FlowBoy aka THZZRDKNG aka 2oclockbeanfiend aka Angel Pagan, The OxyMoron:

- Born: July, 24, 1984, Minneapolis, MN, USA

- Graduated Charles W. Flanagan High School, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA [2002]

- Graduated Audio Recording Technology Institute, Orlando, FL, USA [05/05/05] - Certified Audio Engineer (C.A.E.)

- 'SiNISTER Presents...ASPHYXIA' LP (Co-Executive Produced/Co-Engineered/Co-Mixed (with SiNISTER) [11/04/08]

- 3rd Place Winner in VIBE Magazine & Eminem's 'No. 1 Stan' contest [June, 2009]

-Charlie Blaze feat. ED Beast "Get Crazy" SINGLE (Engineered/Mixed by whiteout) [12.20.09]; iTunes:

- Charlie Blaze feat. Rich Quick "Long Way Home" SINGLE (Engineered/Mixed/Artwork by whiteout) [5.22.11]; iTunes (EXPLICIT): ; iTunes (CLEAN):

- Favorite 2Pac Song: "Staring Through My Rear View" [Death Row]

- Favorite Eminem Song: "Lose Yourself" [Shady]

- Favorite Album (any artist, any genre): Makaveli The Don Killuminati' [Death Row]

- Favorite TV Show: 'Seinfeld'

- Favorite Movie: 'Inception' is easily the greatest original thought ever put to film. Absolute perfection. If you don't like that movie, you don't get it. Its the next chapter in 'The Matrix' - and its better...than the trilogy...combined. And those movies changed the world. That's how amazing the idea 'Inception' is. On the other-hand, if you want see the realest film ever. watch 'City of God.' Its entirely in Portuguesa, but, before you hit the hour mark, you won't even be looking at the subtitles any more. You'll see. Film of all films.

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Dawk Suice's Experience:

  • Contestant/3rd Place Winner at VIBE Magazine, Publication/Eminem, Recording Artist

    Contest description: "In the contest’s first phase, all entrants will rhyme for 60 seconds over a specially selected instrumental track and submit video clips of their performance on due by April 21, 2009. VIBE will send the Top 10 finalists (determined by user votes) a second instrumental track to rhyme over for 60 seconds, which will then be submitted to Eminem for careful review. His personal selection of the final two will be made by May 8, 2009. Arrangements will be made for the two finalists to be flown to a VIBE event where the winner will be crowned by audience response, presented with an engraved microphone certifying them as Eminem’s “No.1 Stan,” and featured in VIBE magazine and on" --- Letter received from VIBE: "June 11, 2009 Dear VIBE Reader, Thank you for you participation in the “VIBE Verses Presents No. 1 Stan” contest! Congratulations on being selected as a third place winner! Your Submission was hot and beat out many others to be amongst the finalists. Your work made it a very tough decision for Eminem to select the final two. You weren’t chosen as a finalist, but because of all your hard work and creativity, we are sending you a copy of Relapse (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) signed by Eminem, enclosed in this mailing. Be sure to keep checking VIBE magazine and, the definitive voice of urban culture, for more great contests and up-to-the-minute music and entertainment news. All the best to you and yours. From your friends at VIBE.”

Dawk Suice's Education:

  • Audio Recording Technology Institute (A.R.T.I.), Orlando, FL, USA

    Certified Audio Engineer (C.A.E.)
    Concentration: Audio Engineering
    Activities: Learned to record, mix, engineer, master, produce, post-produce and everything required to receive certification. (11-month program)
  • Charles W. Flanagan High School, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA

    High School Diploma
    Concentration: General Studies
    Activities: TRIVIA: Major League Baseball All-Star catcher Mike Napoli (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox) - @MikeNapoli25 - attended Flanagan when I was a freshman. His current residence is still listed at his parent's address, where he grew up, in the same neighborhood I did. His first MLB at-bat: Home-Run. (NOTE: I don't know him personally, nor have I ever claimed to, but I know people who do.)

Dawk Suice's Interests & Activities:

Creating, listening to and promoting music: the most important thing in my life; Searching for the TRUTH about Tupac Amaru Shakur/2Pac/Makaveli. - whiteout aka Dawk Suice aka p. €uro aka Saiyan Gosling aka The PillsBury FlowBoy aka THZZRDKNG aka 2oclockbeanfiend aka Angel Pagan, The OxyMoron Biggest Influences: Tupac Amaru Shakur (2Pac/Makaveli), Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem/Slim Shady). Aaron Dontez Yates (Tech N9ne)

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